A little info on Natalie and SOS Organizing….

I am a resident of Tega Cay, SC, wife to optometrist Dr. Paul Burt, and a mother to four wonderful- but crazy kids.  

I understand how our abundance of “stuff” can be overwhelming and almost paralyzing at times.  We live in a culture where more is better and living simply is a challenge.

Being organized is a lifestyle.  It is an ongoing process.  When one area is done, it’s time to tackle another.  My goal is to help others develop and easily maintain a lifestyle of organization.

Simplify. Organize. Share., that’s the motto of S.O.S. Organizing.  I can help you simplify by identifying unnecessary “stuff”, organize what you keep, and share what you decide to get rid of.  

Why share?  It’s always easier to get rid of things if you know that they are going to a worthy cause.  I’ve developed a whole list of places that accept donations and can put them to good use.

How much does it cost?  Hourly rate is $35 or Bundle Packages of 8+ hours are $30 per hour.  Typically, some investment is required for proper shelving and storage containers.  However, if budget is tight, I am very resourceful when it comes to creative ways to utilize what you have, available recyclable containers or even finding treasures at thrift stores.

Please give me a call to discuss how you can begin a organized lifestyle!

Simplify.  Organize.  Share.

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Serving the surrounding communities of South Charlotte, Fort Mill and Rock Hill.

Contact us at SOSorganizing@outlook.com or 803-322-3131 for your consultation today!

Using SOS Organizing was a life changing experience, and I mean that sincerely.  I felt it was a truly collaborative process that has created not only a more organized and beautiful room but a more productive workspace.  Natalie Burt sought to organize the space so that it was more efficient and more functional.  As a high school Art teacher, I find my days spent sorting, organizing, and picking up after students.  However, I realized through Natalie’s guidance and expertise that I could make the space more functional through proper organization.  At the beginning of the experience during the consultation she asked questions and developed a full understanding of how the space needed to function.  She did not just come in and sort, file, or put away – which I have done fore years; she thoughtfully rearranged and made a space for all the supplies in an area that worked with the purpose of the item.  Her discerning eye and systematic approach took organization to a different level.  Working on a budget required her to get inventive with container storage.  We utilized free items from the cafeteria, searched thrift stores and utilized sales on long-term storage bins and baskets.  These budgetary constraints did not set her back or change the course.


I would highly recommend using SOS Organizing Company.  She infused new life into my classroom and it operates more efficiently.  The collaborative process was essential because I needed to be trained on how to properly organize when she is not around in the future.  The knowledge she shared about how to maintain and organize future spaces will ensure a successfully organized classroom in the future.


-       Mrs. Jessica Calloway,  Fine Arts Teacher at Fort Mill High School